IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are Ali, Tatiana, Arad and Leen, a team of construction managers from TU Delft with engineering backgrounds. We joined together from 3 different countries (Colombia, Iran and Syria). Three countries, three cultures, and one team to experience how to manage a new challenge using our management skills.

We are looking forward to gaining and widening our knowledge in project management. Participating in the Project Management Championship will allow us to test our understanding against other groups and work as a team for a mutual goal.

For us, the Project Management Championship is a good opportunity to take. We want to challenge our skills in project management on a national competition level, gain new experiences from international management communities, and expand our network. As CME (construction management and engineering) masters students, we believe that technical knowledge is not enough to run successful projects unless accompanied by management experience needed to lead projects.

We want to initiate our career in the Netherlands and be involved in significant projects. Our team aims to be part of developing new management methods and innovation in the construction industry. Hopefully, this experience would provide us with the connections and tools for it.

Arad Namdarmoghadam, Tatiana Gomez Chica, Ali Farokhi and Leen Messi

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