IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are a team of four classmates studying MSc Construction Management & Engineering at TUDelft. Our shared passion for project management brought us together for this competition. Having amassed a substantial amount of theoretical expertise, we thought this competition serves as a better platform for its application. Hitherto, we have been constrained to the academic aspects of project management and our overriding aim is to broaden our network to kick start our professional career.

We’ve known each other since the beginning of our master’s program, and we’re all well aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We are looking forward to competing as a team, keeping in mind that collaboration is the most important aspect of this area. Our future plans are:

Aditya- My long-term ambition is to gain professional experience in this field and then start my own consulting company.

Zachariah Kiran- My professional aspirations recline towards the field of project management in infrastructure, and I look forward in extensive application of my managerial skills.

Barshaleena- I would like to use the experience & knowledge acquired during my masters in my future workplace.

Vikas- I would like to use my project management skills in working with the transportation sector.

Aditya Navandar, Vikas Sharma, Barshaleena Das & Zachariah Kiran Varghese

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