10 billion world citizens in 2050 

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a federation of 70 member nations, who collaborate to promote competence in project, programme and portfolio management across all sectors and engage stakeholders around the world in advancing the discipline.

IPMA’s Council of Delegates has discussed during its spring meeting as well as during its first Smart Cities Symposium in Berlin the critical role of good practice of project, programme and portfolio management in delivering smart cities. The world population is steadily growing, by 2050 it is expected to reach nearly 10 billion, of which approximately 80% will be living in cities. Managing this is a huge task for all governments and leaders worldwid

modern city traffic at night ,colorful interchange overpass  in shanghai
Modern Granary, Grain-drying Complex, Commercial Grain Or Seed Silos In Sunny Summer Rural Landscape. Corn Dryer Silos, Inland Grain Terminal, Grain Elevators Standing In A Field.

Practices of project, programme and portfolio management

Already 60% of the energy consumed and 70% of waste and greenhouse gas emissions are produced by cities. Public transport, water supply, sanitation, energy, food and security are just some of the pressure points that need to be managed by governments. It is of utmost importance to tackle these challenges in a holistic way using the existing good practices of project, programme and portfolio management. This will contribute towards making the vision of a smart city real and deliver real benefit to society.

IPMA will continue promoting competences and good practices through its 70 members in order to support cities, municipalities and the citizens all over the world. From Berlin, the member nations of IPMA issue a call to action for leadership around the world to actively support the promotion of competences and good practices of projects, programmes and portfolios to tackle the many challenges of increasing urbanisation

Cities need our professional support

IPMA President Dr. Jesus Martinez-Almela confirmed IPMA’s stance saying “In order to execute the strategic plans of smart cities it is necessary to acknowledge that cities cannot do it all alone. They need support of our profession, setting their visions into practice using portfolios, programmes and projects. This transformation is not an individual undertaking but instead a collective endeavour, so collaboration is essential. And IPMA is willing to support globally.”

This communique has been released concurrently by all 70 member associations of IPMA.

The President of IPMA, Dr. Jesus Martinez-Almela is available for comment. Please contact us via info@ipma.world.

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