Komende zaterdag (23 mei) vindt de nationale finale van de Project Mangement Championship (PMC) plaats. Deze keer, vanwege het COVID-19-virus, op alternatieve wijze. Het winnende team verovert een plek in de internationale finale op 26 juni. IPMA Young Crew presenteert graag de deelnemende teams. 

Introduction team nr 1

We are Jivalia.

We are Jill, Valerie, Lisa and Léa – together we make up the dream team Jivalia. A group of second year students from the Windesheim Honours College situated in the charming town of Zwolle, we have been primed since the first day of our study to use project management as a tool for managing change and doing good. Sustainability and social responsibility have been at the core of our program, and we would like bring in these insights into the Challenge and further hone our project management skills by applying what we have learnt. Most importantly, we want to have fun throughout the whole process!

Introduction team nr 2

We four belong to the same batch of Construction Management & Engineering at TU Delft, Netherlands (2019-21). The reason we formed a team is because we share a common perception of Project Management and its practices. Having acquired considerable knowledge about theoretical concepts, we thought this is a good opportunity to put this into practice. The Project Management Championship gives us the right platform to showcase and possibly discover our skills in the way we approach a given scenario/problem to come up with unique and sustainable solutions. We are looking forward to meeting other groups of fellow participants at an international level and learn from their varying perspectives on the same case study. We also would like to use this opportunity to build our network with professionals in the field of Project/Construction Management.

Saurabh Varanasi, Shreenidhi Raghavendra Rao, Vyshali Simhachalam and Ritika Utmani

Introduction team nr 3

We are a team of three students from the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands from different educational backgrounds and a common interest in project management. Sujith Saravanan Mahadevan and Sreeja Raghunathan are currently pursuing MSc in Construction Management and Engineering and Jitin Gopakumar is a student of Management of Technology. While Sreeja brings the industrial knowledge of civil engineering from her work experience, Jitin integrates his process-oriented working methodology into the management industry. Sujith contributes to the team with his coherent and strong academic knowledge and helps in assimilating the team. We look forward to tackling the complexities in the business world using our acquired perspective in project management. We believe PMC will give us a platform to achieve this goal and help us advance our career by gaining knowledge about the current market practices and strengthening our network. We are optimistic that experience and knowledge acquired from participating in this contest will help in our future workplace.

Introduction team nr 4

We are Francisco Correa Galdeano, Tianlin Ma, Shehabeldin Elmohr, and Iason Tzanakakis, four enthusiastic students doing a master’s in Construction, Management & Engineering at TU Delft. Each of us coming from a different continent, our uniqueness lies in the diversity of our team.

We heard about the contest thanks to a student who participated in a previous edition of the championship. After talking with some colleagues, we decided that it was a great opportunity to challenge ourselves in a competitive environment trying to solve problems with the methodologies we are learning throughout our studies program. Given we all come from relatively similar backgrounds but from completely different parts of the world, we think it is a nice experience to see how we manage the proposed cases with our different points of view. 

Introduction team nr 5

Hi, we are Hanne, Marie and Pia!

The three of us are currently studying Global Project and Change Management at Windesheim Honors College in Zwolle. Since our study is international, we are a mixed team of Dutchies and Germans. We decided to participate as a group as we have worked well together on a previous project. All of us traveled to Ghana for a project and we got to know each other very well. Therefore, we already know our strengths and weaknesses, and are super enthusiastic to work together again to grow as a team and individually. We thought it would be a fun opportunity to gain some more experience regarding project management. By taking part in the project management championship we would like to get to know new people and test our knowledge in a different setting, identify what skills we have learned and in which fields we still need some improvement. In other words, we are very excited to participate in this competition.

Introduction team nr 6

A Project Management course during our MSc studies in TU Delft introduced us to the multifaceted challenges in the life cycle of a project. In addition to that, we believe that the International Project Management Association can work as a bridge between our studies and the professional world. Therefore, through this challenge we aspire to apply our theoretical knowledge into practice while working on a case study. Students like us can expand their network and familiarize with specializations of the project management industry. Having in mind that collaboration is, in essence, the pivotal part of this field, we look forward to enjoying this competition as a team. The future goals of our team are as follows:

  • Monica: I plan to be an engineering consultant in a management consulting firm or a corporate real estate officer in a multinational company.
  • Vrajesh: I see myself as a construction project manager in the next 10-15 years, for which I currently expand my knowledge and experience in the field.
  • Zisis: My professional aspirations lie in the real estate development industry through the integration of my architectural engineering background and a managerial skill set.

Introduction team nr 7

We’re taking part in this championship, as it promises a great day full of fun, working under pressure and learning. As all three of us are studying Global Project and Change Management, we’re eager to get a deeper insight into a new sector and context. Moreover, participating in this competition will allow us to connect with people outside of our program and to challenge our own perceptions and ways of working. In addition, we want to explore how we as a team function under time pressure.

Jana Westherhaus, Fiona Bauhofer and Tieko Obuodi

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