ZoekiesOp donderdag 17 maart werden de Zoekies uitgereikt. De winnaar van de gouden Award is Frédérique Batelaan. Van harte gefeliciteerd met deze prachtige overwinning. 

De onderzoeken van iedereen staan hieronder beschreven. Ga een slag dieper door de presentaties te bekijken.

Frédérique Batelaan – Gold

Empathy: to build projects and relationships

Soft skills are getting more and more attention in current project management practices. In my research, executed in collaboration with Dura Vermeer, I investigated the importance of specifically the competence empathy to construction projects. The research shows this seems to be an important subject where improvements can be made that support construction project success.

My name is Frédérique and I am 24 years old. I currently live in Rotterdam with five friends, but I grew up in The Hague in the Netherlands. Last year I finished the master of Construction Management and Engineering at the TU Delft. Since my graduation, I started working in the construction sector which I enjoy a lot. However, I also enjoyed studying so I like that the Zoekies allows me to still be engaged with my graduation research!

Christiaan Massaad – Silver

An Optimistic Approach to Complexity

As a Civil Engineer with a Master’s in Construction Management and Engineering, I have a strong interest in the management of large and complex engineering projects. Managing such projects is a challenging task, but I always keep a positive attitude while dealing with resulting challenges, driven by the fact that there is no business without problems, and no problems without solutions.

In fact, one of the reasons for the failure of large engineering projects is their increasing complexity. Complexity, whether technical, organizational, or environmental, is considered a major source of risks. These can be negative, called threats, but also positive, called opportunities. The goal of my research is to show you how complexities can be exploited to find opportunities to better achieve the project objectives and increase the chances of success.

Irfan Pottachola – Bronze

Shaping Perceptions to Embrace Change

On the back of my curiosity and enthusiasm to learn about the application of various digital technologies in the construction industry, I moved to the Netherlands from India a few years ago. I graduated from the University of Twente in August 2021 with a Master’s degree in Construction Management and Engineering, with my focus areas being Digital Technologies in Construction, Sustainable and Circular Construction, and Change Management. Currently, I’m a PDEng Candidate at the University of Twente, researching the application of Digital Twins in Industrialized Construction.

My research, titled “Shaping Perceptions to Embrace Change”, focuses on technology diffusion in the construction industry. The research analyses the factors that shape the perceptions of people towards technological innovations and developed a strategy that explains how these factors can be exploited to diffuse technologies successfully.

Lennart Janse – Recognition of achievement

Managing multi-headed monsters: project-portfolio management in public infrastructure projects

Lennart Janse recently graduated from the TU Delft from the master’s program Construction Management & Engineering. In his graduation thesis, Lennart investigated, in collaboration with the Chair of Public Commissioning at TU Delft, the role of portfolio managers responsible for delivering public infrastructure projects. He now is a junior consultant in the field of infrastructure at AT Osborne.

In his talk, Lennart will elaborate on some important findings on the role of these portfolio managers: what is their added value for the project, next to the project manager? How do these portfolio managers manage the uncertainties of large and complex infrastructure projects? And how do they deal with the large and complex public parent organizations they are representing? Lennart will end his talk by summarizing some best practices of being a portfolio manager.

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