GeCCo, Global e-Collaboration Competition, is een internationale competitie die elk jaar wordt georganiseerd door IPMA YoungCrew Internationaal. Maak kennis met de deelnemers van 2021 en hun ervaringen om deel uit te maken van verschillende internationale teams!

GeCCo, Global e-Collaboration Competition, a yearly international competition organized by IPMA YoungCrew International. Get acquainted with the participants of 2021 and their experiences being part of different international teams across the world!

The winning moment…What happened??

I was actually in Rotterdam, strolling around the city with friends during the ceremony, so I only managed to connect to the Zoom call for the winning teams’ announcement. I have to admit, after the 2nd and 3rd place announcement of winners, I told myself that it was over and we just hope that we are in the top-10. And then our team’s name and picture came up with the classic Queen melody “We are the Champions”! At this moment, I put myself off mute to say thank you to the rest of my team members. I tried to listen to the feedback for our performance but excitement got the best of me. Thankfully, another team member recorded this and shared it with the rest of us afterwards.

IPMA YoungCrew competition

IPMA YoungCrew competition

Which part of the competition did you like the most?

For me, the strongest point of the competition is ”the collaboration and the cross-linking” between different cultures, backgrounds, and time zones. Personally, I was extremely glad to meet people with experience in project management from different backgrounds or countries that were challenged by the topics and embracing this experience with the same enthusiasm…


Which part of the competition did you like the most?

The whole GeCCo journey, starting with the pre-case study to the actual competition, was thrilling. The pre-case study was used to bond the team, as we were 6 people literally from all around the world. I still remember the feeling of opening the link to meet 5 unknown people with whom I will need to closely collaborate and deliver project management work packages for a full week…


IPMA YoungCrew competition

IPMA YoungCrew competition

Which part of the competition did you like the most?

I liked the fact that it lasted 24h and we were forced to organize ourselves quickly, divide the tasks and act…



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