GeCCo, Global e-Collaboration Competition, is een internationale competitie die elk jaar wordt georganiseerd door IPMA YoungCrew Internationaal. Maak kennis met de deelnemers van 2022 en hun ervaringen om deel uit te maken van verschillende internationale teams!

GeCCo, Global e-Collaboration Competition, a yearly international competition organized by IPMA YoungCrew International. Get acquainted with the participants of 2022 and their experiences being part of different international teams across the world!

Which part of the competition did you like the most?

The part of the competition I liked most was meeting my team, facing some challenges during the competition, and being able to lead them.

What are your key learnings?

Meeting every day brings proximity to the team members and creates connection, adapting to an unexpected change in a team, motivating the team, and recognizing their work are essential to maintain the team members engaged and committed.

Did this experience help you professionally?

It helped me to have more confidence in myself.

Diana Gonçalves

Pouya Golzadeh

Which part of the competition did you like the most?

This competition itself was a project as a whole. It had most of the knowledge areas in project management concepts. We needed to know about its scope and have a plan to engage all our team members as stakeholders. Communication was the key activity throughout this event. Also, time, resources, and risk management during the 24h competition are critical. I liked the whole part of this competition and all the integration efforts needed to obtain our goals.

What are your key learnings?

Learning was at the center of our team goals. The most important lesson learned was how to work as a virtual team with the person that never met each other before. How to build an atmosphere of trust so the teammates are motivated to share their knowledge. In this competition, I learned that no-blame culture is particularly important in creating feelings of teamwork and consensus among team members to raise morale, lower conflict, and increase performance.

Did this experience help you professionally?

As a project engineer, I have been involved in infrastructure projects for more than 7 years, but this experience was an excellent opportunity to improve my soft skill through collaborating with individuals around the world with different cultures. I found out how we can use the agile approach to manage a team and learned about the Tuckman Ladder model to describe team development.

If you got any prize, what do you think brought you to that position?

We obtained 4th place among the 29 teams that participated in this competition. What brought us to this position was the ability to team working. We believed that “together we are stronger” and it was our slogan for the competition.

Which part of the competition did you like the most?

During the competition I needed to think outside of the box, using all of my, not just project management but creative and general knowledge. That really pushed me to do my best.

What are your key learnings?

If I can assemble the whole project in 24h I can do anything. Of course, when I have more time I can do a better job. I have learned that good organization and support to my team members is a key to success. In addition, never underestimate morals, and try to keep your team members’ spirits high.

Did this experience help you professionally?

It differently did, I had limited knowledge of PM but seeing all the tools in action within 24h I saw PM power.

If you got any prize, what do you think brought you to that position?

Good team spirit, dedication, communication, and support of each other.

Milan Mihajlovic

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