Which part of the competition did you like the most?

For me, the strongest point of the competition is ”the collaboration and the cross-linking” between different cultures, backgrounds, and time zones. Personally, I was extremely glad to meet people with experience in project management from different backgrounds or countries that were challenged by the topics and embracing this experience with the same enthusiasm. A second, last but not least important part for me, was the creativity that was applied in the terms of deliverables, concepts and pre/post case studies. I was challenged to bring to the table new ideas that would trigger the imagination/logic of the jury involved.

What are your key learnings?

My key learnings summarise to the following phrase: A constructive plan and restricted timelines for the project deliverables could save and increase the amount of time, and will eventually increase your product quality regarding to your final deliverable.

Did this experience help you professionally?

This experience helped me professionally, as I have explored new perspectives and interesting areas/topics and I have improved my technical knowledge in the field of project management. It was definitely a strong challenge from which every candidate should take the most of it to their benefit.

IPMA YoungCrew competition

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