Which part of the competition did you like the most?

The whole GeCCo journey, starting with the pre-case study to the actual competition, was thrilling. The pre-case study was used to bond the team, as we were 6 people literally from all around the world. I still remember the feeling of opening the link to meet 5 unknown people with whom I will need to closely collaborate and deliver project management work packages for a full week. This is a unique attribute of GeCCo, where cultures and different ways of working come together for one purpose.

In such a short time, we created a strong unified team, ready for the highlight, a 24 hours case study. This was one of the most challenging and exciting experiences I had so far. When it is 3 am and you are still there working to deliver a task. That is when you realise that you have hit a new high on your limits. And this is priceless, as it stays with you even after the competition. You have gained another new skill.

What are your key learnings?

  1. It is of primary importance to define and clarify your objective and deliverables from the start. It gives purpose and flow to the team. Everyone knows the ‘why’ and the whole process becomes easier to monitor and control.
  2. You have to be open to learn and use different tools, adjusted to the purpose of each task, as this makes life easier. If we have the tools, why not use them?
  3. When there is a challenging task, as the 24 hour case, it is vital to get to know who your team members are and how they work. Then you can use this information to delegate tasks and define the role of each member to the benefit of the project.
  4. And last but not least, a very practical learning: pay attention to the final format of the deliverable. How you present your story is the same, or maybe more important, then the story itself.

Did this experience help you professionally?

Definitely. As a project manager I work with international teams from around the world on a daily basis. Entering this competition, I learnt new tools that I will apply to my daily job, as they are vital especially in the Covid era, where everything is through web meetings.

On a more personal note, apart from participating in GeCCo, I had the honor to be the project lead for the Netherlands and organize the competition. With the support from the IPMA YoungCrew Netherlands and the GeCCo organizing team, we managed to bring an idea to an actual tangible deliverable in a short notice. This is a real example of efficient stakeholder management that I will carry with me for the rest of my working life.

IPMA YoungCrew competition

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