In de rubriek Leden in het Zonnetje worden IPMA-leden geïnterviewd door andere IPMA-leden: om van elkaar te leren en te ontdekken wat voor talent er allemaal aanwezig is onder de IPMA-leden. De geïnterviewde kiest vervolgens iemand uit waarvan hij of zij meer wil weten of die het verdient in het zonnetje gezet te worden. Een menselijke ketting vol mooie verhalen, ideeën over Projectmanagement en enthousiasme voor IPMA.

Deze week zetten we Anastasia Kotoudi in het zonnetje

How are you involved into project management?

My name is Anastasia Kotoudi. I am a civil engineer with a specialization in hydraulic engineering pursuing my Master in TU Delft in the field of project management. In my home country Greece I grew up in a family of engineers. During my school holidays I worked on several projects carried out at the family construction business. One of the main important reason why I chose the Project Management Master was to get more insight into the managerial and financial aspects of engineering projects. I am currently conducting my graduation project in Royal Haskoning DHV where I am investigating ways of enhancing the collaboration and hence performance of integrated teams in international projects.

What convinced you to volunteer for IPMA Young Crew?

The way I got to know IPMA in the first place was completely random On the Facebook group of our student association I was informed about the Project Management Championship. I always look out for opportunities that goes beyond the typical university or working schedule. So I formed a group with my student friend Nefeli Peponi and two other fellow students.  Eventually we won the Dutch national finale so we represented the Netherlands in the international final in Serbia.

During our trip in Belgrade I met Jordy Aaldering, who is a board member of the IPMA Young Crew and Chairman of the PMC committee. He really gave me insights into the IPMA Young Crew platform, what they are trying to achieve, how they function and what it meant being a part of this platform. I was really intrigued and interested about being involved with the community. So when Jordy asked me if I wanted to take his place and be the manager of the organization committee for the 2019 championship saying yes came without any second thoughts.

What is the added value of our community for both your personal and professional life?

From a personal perspective being part of the community is really an excellent opportunity of networking, getting to know professionals and young people with the same field of interests. In addition, as an international student in a foreign country and not having any prior connections being involved with communities like IPMA is truly valuable. It provides an excellent way of getting acquainted with the Dutch business culture and meeting people from the business. It really helps me to build up my professional network and opens up a new window of opportunities. For example, it was through an IPMA event that I found my graduation project! Improving my competencies on the Dutch language is also a great advantage. Ultimately, being able to prove my abilities and what I can achieve in a completely new environment on a foreign country is a great challenge. So every successful step brings in a huge amount of personal satisfaction.  

How do we make the community future proof?

I am part of the community for about half a year now and participated in several major events such as the IPMA Jaarcongres and IPMA Parade. It is my strong belief that IPMA needs to make a welcoming turn towards younger people. It is really clear in all the events that everybody is looking for young talents. So broadening the network and bringing in younger people is vital for the future of the platform. This is the reason why we believe as the Project Management Championship 2019 committee that companies should support more these kinds of events. In my opinion it is very important to stress out the added value that comes with supporting such initiatives such as enhancing a company’s public profile and attitude towards the younger. Moreover Dutch universities have significantly raised the share of international master students hence an opening towards this audience is inevitable; there is a need for more events in English. Today’s students are tomorrow’s supply and the demand has to correspond to this supply otherwise it will stay stuck in the past. People from other cultures come with new ideas and embracing a part of them in a globalized world brings many positive results.

How do you see your own future in project management?

I hope that my vision for IPMA can be materialized through the Young Crew platform. Personally I would really like to continue being a part of IPMA and to organize initiatives that will reinvent the platform’s image towards the younger generation. I hope that others will see the potential that I see from being a part of such platforms. This is the end that I am trying to get too and to have people by my side who share the same vision makes the trip towards the destination even more fun!

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