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Flexible project management


How could flexibility in project management result in better project performance in complex infrastructure projects?


Cost overruns and delays form a big problem in the infrastructure sector. Pinpointing a main cause for cost overruns and delays is not easy. Inadequacy of current project management methodologies and growing complexity of nowadays project tie together to form a high potential cause of project failure. Complexity and uncertainty of projects are mainly because of ever-changing environment and dynamism which conventional project management methodologies are not capable of coping with. Conventional project management is aimed at reaching predefined goals, mostly constituted of criteria for time, budget and performance goals. Yet, the complexity and uncertainty of many projects makes that this preplanning becomes less appropriate. Also for today’s projects value plays a significant role instead of focusing on iron triangle constraints. For this a new approach is needed which recognizes and provides tools to cope with the complexity and uncertainty of a project, an approach that is aimed at increasing flexibility. In this PhD research project, project complexity as one the concepts that affects the performance of the project in some ways and the flexibility in project management as an approach to deal with complexity of projects are chosen to explore.

Ir. Afshin Jalali Sohi

PhD candidate TU Delft

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