In de rubriek Leden in het Zonnetje worden IPMA-leden geïnterviewd door andere IPMA-leden: om van elkaar te leren en te ontdekken wat voor talent er allemaal aanwezig is onder de IPMA-leden. De geïnterviewde kiest vervolgens iemand uit waarvan hij of zij meer wil weten of die het verdient in het zonnetje gezet te worden. Een menselijke ketting vol mooie verhalen, ideeën over Projectmanagement en enthousiasme voor IPMA.

Deze week: Nefeli Peponi in het zonnetje

How are you involved into project management?

My name is Nefeli Peponi. I am currently on my second year of master studies in Construction Management and Engineering at TU Delft. My first experience in the field of project management was back in 2016 when I worked as an assistant project manager in a consultancy office in Athens, Greece. Later on, I started my master studies in 2017, were I enhanced the professional knowledge I had already gained on project management. However, I should admit that I feel I got involved the most in project management after my participation in the Project Management Championship 2018. After the Dutch nationals and the following international competition in Serbia, I gained a greater insight on project management outside of the strict educational framework and I think that the noble competition with the other teams triggered my interest to keep “digging” into the field of project management.

What convinced you to volunteer for IPMA Young Crew?

As I already said above, after my participation in the Project Management Championship 2018, I wanted to keep being an active member on the field of project management. So, when a member of the IPMA Young Crew Netherlands board suggested becoming a part of next year’s committee that would organize the 2019 Championship, I immediately accepted. My journey so far with IPMA had proven that I had a lot to gain by becoming an active member of its committee. Moreover, I saw this as an opportunity to ameliorate some aspects of the competition that I thought they were lagging as well as to spread my experience and the gained added value with fellow students. My role in the IPMA Young Crew lies on the field of Marketing and Communication. In particular, I am responsible for the communication plan regarding the participating universities of the Project Management Championship 2019.

What is the added value of our community for both your personal and professional life?

My experience so far with IPMA Young Crew has proven that becoming a member has been a wise choice of mine. Not only did I get the chance to familiarize myself even more with project management but I also got to broaden my network in such a degree that I had never imagined. Moreover, I get the chance to be informed and participate in conferences held by IPMA that introduce me to new fields of knowledge, such as Agile Project Management and Change Management. Furthermore, being a foreigner here in the Netherlands, I had already experienced how difficult it is for a non-local to become a part of the Dutch Project Management industry, mostly due to the language burden. After my participation in Young Crew Netherlands though, I have witnessed that even this burden is being pulled down; professionals are more easy to approach and more willing to work together.    

How do we make the community future proof?

From my point of view, a future proof community needs ambitious and hard- working members that share the same passion to keep the vibe alive and even strengthen the community year by year. Holding conferences and workshops of a more interactive character would keep the participants’ and members’ interest increased and would encourage them to participate more eagerly. Moreover, in order to forge a future proof community it is an indispensible need to incorporate more young people in it. The young generation will definitely bring on innovation to the community as well as a more modern aspect of thinking. Last but not least, taking into consideration the high number of international students studying In the Netherlands, I find it really important to render our community more international friendly by introducing more English-speaking conferences and workshops.

How do you see your own future in project management?

In some years from now, I envision myself still being actively participating in Young Crew Netherlands. I hope that in some years from now we will have succeeded a more international oriented community with a bigger number of young members. In addition to that, it is my vision to drive the Project Management Competition beyond Europe’s borders and make it a worldwide competition. It is my ambition to drive the community to a higher level year by year and judging by the people I had the chance to collaborate with till so far, I know we can make it work!

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