De Project Management Championship (PMC) is een internationale competitie voor voltijd HBO of WO studenten met een projectmanagement gerelateerde studie. Doel is de betrokkenheid van studenten verhogen op het gebied van projectmanagement, kennisdeling bevorderen en know-how delen tussen research en de praktijk. Maak kennis met het ervaringen van het winnende team van dit jaar!

The Project Management Championship (PMC) is an international competition meant for full-time students in higher education studying project-related courses. Its core objectives are to enhance student involvement in the field of project management, knowledge sharing, and know-how between research and the business world. Get to know the experiences of the winning team of 2021!

IPMA YoungCrew PMCWhy did you decide to participate in the Project Management Championship?

Being one of the prominent organizations in project management, we believed that the PMC organized by IPMA would provide us the ideal platform to demonstrate our project management skills. We were curious about the different perspectives of the co-participants and the expertise of the jury members involved. But most predominantly, to have fun in the competition.

What were the challenges you faced in the case, how did you come to a solution for these challenges?

Initially, we faced challenges in understanding what was going on in the organization. We had trouble devising a proper development strategy as the existing functioning of the organization was kind of opaque. We had to rigorously interact with the stakeholders involved within the limited time frame provided. Once we got a hold of it, the rest of the case went smoothly.

What did you think was difficult in the case and how did you approach it?

We faced difficultly in identifying the causes and preventives for the bow-tie diagram that was needed for the risk mitigation strategy. We had to read through the case several times and in the end, we got it covered. So it was that part that took some time, but we nailed it!

How did you experience your internal collaboration as a team? Did you divide roles and responsibilities? And what were your team values and how did these enable you to become the winners?

We have known each other since the beginning of our master’s studies, which gave us an advantage in the competition because we were familiar with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We divided the work amongst us, based on who is best capable of doing it. We were flexible enough to swap between the tasks when someone experienced some difficulties. Due to the time difference, we had difficulty cooperating with one of our team members, as he was out of the country. Trust and integrity were the most important values in our group. We were able to create high-quality outcomes in the end, because we had faith in each other’s work and didn’t have to double-check everything.

You received feedback from an experienced jury. How did you experience this and what did you learn from it?

The jury provided us with constructive feedback, pointing out areas where we may improve in various aspects. We realized that at certain points, we could have come up with a better solution. Overall, the feedback was a valuable learning experience, and we will aim to better in the future. We had a deep belief that we would win the competition, and we were on cloud nine after the results. We also realized that as a group, we can work efficiently and effectively to deliver high-quality results by combining our abilities and knowledge. We tried to make the information straightforward and understandable without overcomplicating it.

We are looking forward to applying the valuable feedback received in the International finals and hope to bring our A-game!

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