Maak kennis met de studententeams van de PMC 2022

Op zaterdag 30 april vond de 5de editie van de Project Management Championship plaats! Er hebben 6 studententeams gestreden om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen tijdens de internationale finale. Je leest hieronder over alle teams. Benieuwd wie er heeft gewonnen? Dat lees je hier.

Team 1

PMC 2022 team 1

Hi everybody,

We are Mart, Maya, and Mirko from the University of Twente, and this year we will compete in the IPMA PMC National Final. With our knowledge of construction management, we are looking forward to the finals, applying our knowledge and skills, and competing with the other talented finalists. See you at the finals!

Team 2

PMC 2022 team 2

We are Pradeepthi, Sana, Mrinal, and Yash – a team of MSc Construction Management students from TU Delft. We belong to different parts of India, and we are incredibly excited to participate in the Project Management Championship ‘22.

Our motivation to participate in the competition was to use this opportunity to meet new people, get better insights into the industry, and learn some excellent management skills. We’ve been studying different concepts and theories regarding project management at TU Delft for the past eight months, and the PMC ‘22 feels like the perfect place to put this knowledge to use.

We understand how crucial teamwork is to finish a project successfully, so that is precisely our goal for acing the next level in the championship – combining our skills and developing innovative solutions. We all plan to begin our careers as project managers in the Netherlands, so we hope to gain some valuable knowledge and connections from our experience in the Championship.

– Pradeepthi Thimmapa, Sana Firdous, Mrinal Patil, and Yash Raikar.

Team 3

PMC 2022 team 3

Our team consists of Saravana Kumar, Vaibhav Khalia, Varun Shetty, and Akshay Rajagopal, currently pursuing MSc in Management of Technology at the Delft University of Technology. We all belong to different engineering backgrounds and are bringing rich industrial exposure from sectors like automotive, mining & construction, and industrial design to the table.

The four of us come from India, and we have witnessed the intricacies of project management, especially in an unstructured Indian market. The zeal for optimizing processes and developing a holistic approach to projects in decision-making and risk analysis attracted us to undertake this opportunity of PMC.

We believe in experiencing innovative approaches and contributing our best improvements to project management methodologies.

Team 4

PMC 2022 team 4

We’re a group of four Hanze University master’s students studying International Business Management. We’re all from different regions of the world, but we’re all united by a passion for what we’re doing.

We regard the competition as a valuable asset to all of us in our future careers, and the Project Management Championship as an excellent opportunity to showcase our skills. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to learn new things, expand our network, and meet new people in the Dutch Project Management Community.

We’re excited to compete, study, and assess our level of competency, as well as meet new individuals who share our goals.

Thank you,
Team IBS Hanze

Team 5

PMC 2022 team 5

We are a half-Greek half-Mexican team, with Markos and Marios being Greeks and Roberto and Pedro Mexicans. Our academic background is similar, as our undergraduate studies were in Civil Engineering, while we are currently studying Construction Management & Engineering (CME) at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).

The composition of the members of this group has been tried again with great success during the Project Management course, where we managed to collaborate efficiently and solve a complex project management case effectively and within the time frames. That was the driving force for us to decide to work together again, this time for the IPMA Project Management Championship, with the goal of reaching as far as we can.

Regarding our most important qualifications in the context of this competition, we consider that the extensive knowledge gained in the field of Project Management throughout the courses at TU Delft, as well as the experiences we have acquired so far from our academic and work environment, could give us an edge over the competition.

To that end, we would like to experience and implement our expertise in a real-world case in order to obtain an insight into the competencies and technicalities needed in the employment market. We expect to come across a very challenging national final with groups of like-minded students, willing to try their best. Therefore, we strongly believe that this competition is an ideal opportunity for us to expand our horizons and challenge, and push ourselves to new boundaries by competing with people who share the same ambitions and aspirations.

Team 6

PMC 2022 team 6

Julie Cimetière, 22 years old, French, studied psychology in France, Applied Positive Psychology program at Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Also did a 2 years long degree in international trade, tourism, and management before studying psychology.

Ankit Modak, 25 years old: Originally from Bombay, India, I am a part-time techie and full-time innovator. My entrepreneurial dreams have led me to work with several startups, started 2 of my own, and currently leading Alphagen providing innovative and sustainable IT solutions. Demonstrated experience in fundraising and product management, both software as well as commercial products. I am studying for my Masters in International Business Management at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

Akash Ravikumar is 29 years old and from Bangalore, India. Holding a bachelor’s in Retail Business Administration and a current student with Masters in International Business Management, I specialize in Marketing and Retail. Empowering myself to soon work to make our planet a better place, sustainable & purposeful thinker. Also an enthusiastic photographer.

De jury van de PMC 2022

Maud Bruijs

Maud Bruijs

Bestuurslid IPMA YoungCrew Nederland, Community Engagement

Consultant Projects & Change

Georgia Katsi

Georgia Katsi

Bestuurslid IPMA Young Crew Nederland, Lead GeCCo

R&D Technology Manager Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Shelby Mallo

Shelby Mallo

Bestuurslid IPMA YoungCrew Nederland, Student Engagement

Projectleider & Beleidsadviseur Universiteit Utrecht

Paul van der Steur

Paul van der Steur

Coach voor PMC commissie 2022

Assessor IPMA Certificering

Roderik Pape

Roderik Pape

IPMA-B gecertificeerd

Agile Project Manager BKWI

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