Op zaterdag 24 april vindt de 4de editie van de Project Management Championship plaats! Dit jaar zijn er 6 studententeams die strijden om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen tijdens de internationale finale.

Maak kennis met de studententeams van de PMC 2021

IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are a group of four enthusiastic master’s students; all of us come from different parts of the world and have diverse educational backgrounds too, but what connects us together is the zeal to share some quality time with each other.

We see that this competition provides numerous opportunities to us by not only helping us to grow as a person but also helping us develop as professionals in the field of management during the early days of our career…

IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are Konstantinos, Apostolos and Konstantinos or if you would prefer Konstantinos(squared) & Apostolos’ team. We all come from Greece and have a background on Civil Engineering. Management is a core concept, which leads either to the prosperity of an organization or to disastrous outcomes. Having origins from a country where the shortage of competent managers was one of the main reasons that lead to a deep economic crisis, we decided on pushing ourselves into new experiences and pursue a master’s degree in Management in a foreign country…

IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are Ascharya Sharma, Einar Bjarni Hermannsson, Luisa Caporalini, and Ola Tabasha. Four zealous individuals from diverse backgrounds joined by the collective passion for the building industry and the predilection for a good challenge. By pure coincidence, the four of us met on the first day of the official kickoff of Construction Management and Engineering (CME) master program at TU Delft. We hit it off immediately…

IPMA YoungCrew PMCOur team exists out of four ambitious Dutch CME-students from the TU Delft. Due to our variety in backgrounds, we are confident that together we form a diverse team with fresh insights regarding managerial problems…

IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are a team of four classmates studying MSc Construction Management & Engineering at TUDelft. Our shared passion for project management brought us together for this competition. Having amassed a substantial amount of theoretical expertise, we thought this competition serves as a better platform for its application. Hitherto, we have been constrained to the academic aspects of project management and our overriding aim is to broaden our network to kick start our professional career…

IPMA YoungCrew PMCWe are Ali, Tatiana, Arad and Leen, a team of construction managers from TU Delft with engineering backgrounds. We joined together from 3 different countries (Colombia, Iran and Syria). Three countries, three cultures, and one team to experience how to manage a new challenge using our management skills…

De jury van de PMC 2021

IPMA YoungCrew PMC

Jacco van de Griek

Voorzitter IPMA YoungCrew Nederland

Bestuurslid IPMA-NL

IPMA YoungCrew PMC

Marcel Vilain

Voorzitter IPMA-NL

IPMA YoungCrew PMC

Peter van Wijk

Coach voor PMC commissie 2021

IPMA YoungCrew PMC

Roderik Pape

IPMA-B gecertificeerd

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