Maak kennis met de case studies van de Project Management Championship. Een jaarlijkse, internationale competitie georganiseerd door IPMA YoungCrew. Op deze pagina vind je een samenvatting van de cases uit 2019 en 2020. Meer weten over de Project Management Championship? Bekijk het hier.


FLOW, a small community supermarket, established in 2000 in Lelystad, the Netherlands. After 20 years they own 500 supermarkets and are among the top-10 biggest supermarkets in the Netherlands. Their mission and vision aim to provide high-quality service to their customers by maintaining good customer relationships in each supermarket.

But, they have a problem: covid-19 and the 1.5 m economy, frustration among customers and no more food examples to try out new products. They need an innovative solution to serve their customers while maintaining the store operations.


Gino’s, an Italian restaurant, established by Gino Moretti on April 16th, 1989. Located in the historic city center of ‘s Hertogenbosch. And today, they are still located at the same small venue. They started out serving different kinds of traditional Italian dishes that were all very popular amongst the citizens of ‘s Hertogenscho. However, since the beginning, their pizzas have always been their bestselling product.

In 2007 the business was taken over by Giuseppe, Gino’s oldest son. He knew that their pizzas were their mayor success factor. That is why he decided to specialize in the pizza-business and to stop serving other traditional Italian dishes. This turned out to be a smart move: their sales rates went through the roof, the quality of the pizzas got better and better and they even won a prize as ‘Best pizzeria of Europe 2015’.

Giuseppe’s sister, Valentina, is also involved in the restaurant as the financial director. Last January, after finalizing the accounting for 2018, she noticed that over the past 3 years their sales rates have been showing a downward trend. After some more detailed research, she concludes that the number of visitors is decreasing as well. On their 30th anniversary, Giuseppe and Valentina decided to ask for help: come up with a strategy to restore their sales rates over the next 2 years. In addition, deliver a Minimum Viable Product to support this strategy.

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