A make-your-own-plan workshop (toolkit included).

An interactive workshop focused on networking ideas and building a plan you can start using today.

The core belief in this session is that leadership and Creating High Performing Teams are part Science and part Art:

  • Science through intellectual, systematic, and practical application of processes and competencies.
  • Art because all projects and teams are unique. Project Managers must master human dynamics, creativity, inspiration, and emotional intelligence.

After setting the scene, we will jump into ‘doing’ mode. You will create a fit-for-purpose Take-Away plan for your team or for yourself. You will be provided with a toolset and resources during this working session. Be ready to chat, have fun, and get some work done that you will take away and build on.

Get inspired using tools and discussion with others to create a more aligned and high-performing team (or become more high-performing yourself)!


Zie hier al je favorieten.

Liz Hector is a Project Manager with a mission – to help others learn the art and science of Project Management. She does this using inspirational storytelling, practical tools, and group discussion.

Continuous learning and supporting the next generation of leaders is the focus of Liz’s Mentorship & Coaching and on her YouTube Channel and Blog: ProjectSkillsMentor.com.

Liz has been inspired by the work done in cooperation with companies like Apple, IBM, ABN AMRO, and Shell. Her 30+ years of international Project and Program Management experience is focused on Digital Strategy, App building, Tech/ERP implementation, and more.

Liz Hector

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Uit: Individual Competence Baseline

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Deze sessie duurt 45 minuten.

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Deze sessie wordt het best getypeerd als:

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