Dear MA’s, delegates and substitutes,

We would like to draw your attention to two new initiatives of IPMA in the marketing area. On one hand we want to publish a series of handy booklets on specific project management topics (IPMA Insights) like portfolio management, programme management, good governance or agile leadership. These booklets are intended to be a valuable giveaway when you visit your clients, and demonstrate leading competences of IPMA. Target audience are C-level senior managers in organisations, mainly in countries with maturity potential. On the other hand we want to produce weekly blog-style articles (each 2-3 pages long) on the 29 competence elements of the ICB4. This articles, pushed to the market weekly (PMweekly) shall help the practitioner working in project management to do their daily job – and to do the certification of course. The target audience are primarily IPMA Level D and C.

These publications shall complete the family of publication of IPMA:

  • The International Journal of Project Management (a highly recognised publication for researchers)
  • Research papers (as a results of the IPMA research conferences (less ambitious levels for researchers)
  • Expert seminar papers (as a result of the IPMA expert seminars, papers rather address highly qualified practitioners)
  • IPMA Insights (publication for top managers, to be a giveaway for visiting clients)
  • PMweekly (weekly short – blog style – articles alongside of the ICB4 addressing practitioners mainly lower level D and C)
  • Blogs (free style short articles, to be pushed through the social media), a (printable) booklet at the yearend with the best published blogs as a giveaway

But the ExBo cannot do this alone! We need you, contributing as author of the various pieces!

For the IPMA Insights booklets, there is already a document prepared with a primary structure where you can indicate on which part you want to contribute. This document contains multiple folders, including one where other topics which might come to your mind can be indicated. All your input is warmly welcome.

For the PMweekly blogs we also added an excel document to indicate which subject you want to contribute and by when you could deliver the article. Before we start the weekly publication we need to have a plan. A year has approximately 52 weeks, that means we need a lot of interesting articles!

We are totally convinced that in our big family we have already a lot of good articles available on these topics. We are a global organisation, so please contribute from many countries for that we can demonstrate this! If you have got an article in a language not English, don’t mind. Just distribute it to us, we make sure it’s going to be translated.

Of course, while publishing the articles we will make sure that your name and your member association appears appropriately. And please make sure that you are the legal author of the article.

By the way, also for blogs, more and regular contributions are warmly welcome!

For more information, please contact IPMA World.

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